Duct wrap thermal insulation blanket

  • Duct Wrap is manufactured from highly resistant, organic glass fibre bonded with a resin. 
  • It is faced with an aluminium foil - reinforced laminate providing a resistant surface finish and an excellent vapour barrier. 
  • A 120mm overlapping flange is provided on one side for a neater appearance and adequate seal. 
  • Duct Wrap is available in standard thicknesses of 25, 40 and 50 mm and 10mm rolls.

Application Duct

  • Duct Wrap is designed for application to rectangular and round heating, ventilation and air conditioning duct systems where the operating temperature is less than 120°C in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.


  • Energy conservation, lower operating costs, easy installation, greater comfort, noise reduction, fire safe, condensation control and longevity.
 Code  Label  Size
 4000009 25mm FRK  10 x 1.2m
Description Thickness (mm) Volumetric Mass kg/m3 Thermal Conductivity W/m°C Temp Limits Fire Rating
Duct Wrap 25 25 18 0.040(@35°C) 120°C Class1
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