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Flexible Duct connectors

  • Flexible duct connectors consist of a strip of treated cloth
  • Attached on both sides to strips of galvanised steel, using a strong mechanical joint
  • Providing air-tightness
  • There is a wide range of pre-assembled, ready-to-use duct connectors
  • Offering a quick, easy, economical and efficient method of assembly

Technical description

 Diameter range  62mm - 610mm
 Temp range  -30°C - +140°C
 Air Velocity  Max 30m/sec
 Working Pressure  Max 300mmWG Min (D/30 -25) x 9.81Pa
 Material ALUDE  -45/CO-POLYMER laminated construction
 External Colour  Grey
Standard Length 10m in carton
Fire Rating (Outer Re-inforcing) SABS 0177 Part 3 Class 4
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