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DVP Smart Air Disc Valve 



Toilet Bathroom Kitchen Office Factory

 The most comprehensive air disc valve

  • DVP Smart can be used effectively for exhaust and supply of air in damp areas such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchen as well as industrial areas and offices
  • Energy effiecient
  • Very low pressure loss values complying with ASHRAE 70 Standards
  • No corrosion with all parts manufactured from ABS plastic
  • Fully-airtight product with minimum air leakage offer better indoor air quality with mould control
  • Conserves the flow regime due to Smart design
  • Quick mounting with compact and smart components

  Technical Data

   Nominal size  ØB ØC   ØD ØE ØF ØG
  Ø100  96  152  99 116 120 146
  Ø125  121  177  124 141 145 171
  Ø150  146  202  149 166 170 196

1.  Adjustble Lid     

2.  Flanged Diffuser 

3.  Mounting Ring                

X:  The smallest distance between disc of lid and flanged diffuser
  Where to use:
CFD Simulation images:
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