Access Panels

The 4 sizes of access panels provide a broad range of "accessibility options" of fire dampers, coils, filters and controls etc.  the SL and L are designed for "torso entry" whereas the M and S for tow-handed and single handed access respectively.  As the panels are deep formed they are dimensionally uniform and eliminate air leakage.  The design enables fast installation and the plated sash fasteners allow for speedy and simple access.


Frame:        0.8mm Galvanised Steel

Panel:         Outer panel 0.8mm and inner panel 0.6mm Galvanised Steel

Insulation:   25mm Fibreglass

Gasket:        Heat welded PVC Extrusion

Fasteners:   Sash type Zinc Plated


Model Entry
A x B
C x D
Over Flange
E x F
S 117 x 207 146 x 236 184 x 293 2
M 198 x 332 238 x 370 289 x 425 2
L 325 x 460 364 x 499 418 x 550 4
XL 457 x 608 497 x 649 552 x 700 4



AAP insulated access panels shall be supplied and installed for access to all fire dampers etc. mounted within the ductwork.  Doors shall be deep drawn from prime quality galvanised steel and shall incorporate a heat welded tubular PVC gasket mechanically fixed to eliminate air leakage.  Doors shall be removable and selected to match duct sizes.  The maximum size door shall be installed to provide easiest access.